Welcome to zeedice.com! Here, you can play java-based online dice games and compare your high scores with other players from all around the world.

There is no need to register on the site to start playing and register your scores. As long as you use the exact same unique name and city each time you register a new score, you will be able to keep track of your own progress on your own high score list.

The Great Monthly Dice Game Quadrathlon

Each dice game on zeedice.com has a high score list to keep track of the best players in each month's contest. But who has the best combined results in all four games? Now you can find out by looking at the table below!

(A quadrathlon is a sports event composed of four individual disciplines).

Each spot on the top 100 list for the current monthly contest awards 1 point in the quadrathlon, and each spot on the top 10 list awards 1 extra point.

1.Anm123, Malta6242840
2.Jlr, Gj, Co0028028
Strom01, Chodov1127828
4.James Schwarzenbach, Rüschlikon01314027
5.Triinu, Tartu0193022
6.Mike W, Las Vegas0201921
7.Onemacuser.Com, Solvay4111016
Panzer, Rome, Italy0501116
9.Kiwi, Nz1500015
10.Harald Christophersen, Værløse Denmark0001414
11.Bill, Greenville,Texas1200012
Hm King Plank Viii, Plymouth Uk164112
13.Ronniep, Malta201710
Tom, Stevensville063110
15.Taro, Tokyo90009
16.Andrew, Los Angeles80008
Flynn, Aus00808
Sam Pris, Eaton Rapids, Mi80008
19.Katie, Pittsburgh07007
Prince Planet, Palmy00707
Shannon, Haiku07007
22.Christoph Blocher, Herrliberg02406
Coceman, Bergen, No00606
Dmn, So.Cal,Usa00066
Sarah, London00066
26.Alex, Moscow. Russia05005
Ozzie, Sydney00505
28.Maureen Thomson, Aberdeen40004
29.Claire, Sherbrooke,Canada30003
J.R. Heusel, Huntsville30003
King Of Airdrie, Airdrie, Alberta30003
Marco Lapointo!, Ville De Québec30003
Ronnie P, Malta10113
34.Chris D., San Jose, Ca20002
Deb, Peoria20002
Gina, Sydney20002
Ikeusch, Constanta00202
Itsmybirthday, Hoosick, Ny20002
Jimbo, Arizona20002
Kmcczech, Seal Beach02002
Linda I., Lockerbie, Scotland20002
Lofty, Lakeville02002
Manon, Trenton02002
Mary, Milwaukee02002
Mimi, Paris00022
Rocket Man, Australia20002
Ron Burgundy , San Diego02002
Snozzy, Wakefield England20002
Sola, Vetting00202
T J, Monticello, Il20002
Tom, Portage02002
Vad , Canterbury02002
Vad, Canterbury02002

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Dice Game #1

Dice Game #1 is a variation of the famous dice game Yacht, also known as Yahtzee.

Dice Game #2

Dice Game #2, also called Maxi Yacht, is similar to Dice Game#1, but it has six dice and you can save rolls.

Dice Game #3

Dice Game #3 is a Yacht variation popular in Scandinavia.

Dice Game #4

Dice Game #4 is also called Balut.