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There is no need to register on the site to start playing and register your scores. As long as you use the exact same unique name and city each time you register a new score, you will be able to keep track of your own progress on your own high score list.

The Great Monthly Dice Game Quadrathlon

Each dice game on zeedice.com has a high score list to keep track of the best players in each month's contest. But who has the best combined results in all four games? Now you can find out by looking at the table below!

(A quadrathlon is a sports event composed of four individual disciplines).

Each spot on the top 100 list for the current monthly contest awards 1 point in the quadrathlon, and each spot on the top 10 list awards 1 extra point.

1.Strom01, Chodov9297853
2.Frank Deetz, Dayton Beach3400034
3.Robert, Baunach4421727
4.Chumlee, Las Vegas0023023
5.Kelly, Canada The Best Place On Earth1300013
6.Bill, Greenville,Texas80008
7.Donald Trump, Ny, Ny70007
Mike W, Las Vegas00077
9.Robert, Bauanch00066
Who?Me?, Plymouth Uk06006
11.Fc, Houston40004
12.Kelly, Canada-The Best Place On Earth30003
Tina, Bristol, Uk30003
14.Bruna, Venezia02002
Harald Christophersen, Værløse Denmark00022
Hillary Clinton, White House (Ya Baby!)20002
Loftus, Lakeville02002
Paul R, Auckland Nz00022

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Dice Game #1

Dice Game #1 is a variation of the famous dice game Yacht, also known as Yahtzee.

Dice Game #2

Dice Game #2, also called Maxi Yacht, is similar to Dice Game#1, but it has six dice and you can save rolls.

Dice Game #3

Dice Game #3 is a Yacht variation popular in Scandinavia.

Dice Game #4

Dice Game #4 is also called Balut.