Rules, game #4

A short explanation of the rules of dice game #4:


"Score" is computed in about the same way as in Yatzy. There are fewer types of entries on the score board, but on the other hand, there are four of each kind! Thus, you can for example score a full house four times. It does not matter in which order you fill out the score fields. Straight is either 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6. Balut is five of a kind. The score for a Balut is the sum of the dice + 20.


The important thing in Balut, however, is not the score but to get as many "points" as possible. You can get points for each line on the scoresheet, provided that you fulfill the following criteria:

Fours:52 or more 2 points
Fives:65 or more 2 points
Sixes:78 or more2 points
Straight:Four straights 4 points
Full house:Four full houses 3 points
Choice:100 or more 2 points
Baluts: 1 balut 2 points
2 baluts 4 points
3 baluts 6 points
4 baluts 8 points
Total score: 0-299 -2 points
300-349 -1 points
350-399 0 points
400-449 1 points
450-499 2 points
500-549 3 points
550-599 4 points
600-649 5 points
650-812 6 points

How to play
Start playing by clicking the "Roll dice (1)" button. Click any dice you want to hold, and re-roll. When the entire score sheet has been filled out, a score and a code will be displayed underneath the dice. You can enter the score and the code manually into the corresponding fields on the right, or you can click the button "Get code" to retrieve them automatically. Then fill out your name and city, and click "Submit".

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